KMASHI 21 LED Flashlight UV Light Pets Urine Stains Detector Ultraviolet Blacklight

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  • Powerful, portable and handhold UV flashlight include 21LED emits 395nm wavelength.
  • Perfect for outside using such as spot scorpion and hunting fish.
  • Clearly show pets urine and stains on Carpet, Rugs or Furniture Material.
  • Authenticate currency, driver license, official identification cards, passports.
  • Distinguish Ore, jewelry, jade and identify cosmetics as facial mask, lipstick.


Questions and answers:

1. Q: What's the battery life?
A: Please kindly note that batteries are not included in the package.

2. Q: Does the flashlight come with a holder you can clip to your belt?
A: Sorry, it does not. Please note package includes 1*Guard K4 UV light flashlight, 1*lanyard and 1*User Manual.

3. Q: Will this work on bed bugs?
A: Yes, the flashlight can detect bed bugs somewhere, also show pets urine and stains on carpet, rugs or rurniture material.

4. Q: How many hours is the battery life for this product?
A: The batteries will last about 10 hours worth of usage.

5. Q: If it is UV light, can you see if it is in fact on?
A: You see a purple hue as it reflects off the area you are pointing at. The uv flash light is not used for long distance.

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